Anime: Dragon Ball Super: as well, “saw” Jiren his fight against Goku and Vegeta and


Ruto830 is a cartoonist, very popular with fans of anime and manga Dragon Ball. Their designs are on trend, and action scenes from the first-person view reproduced. You can see all of his art on Twitter.

One of his most recent work shows the toughest fights that Goku and Vegeta in the tournament of Power had, in the last saga of the anime Dragon Ball Super. This time, we observed the attack from the perspective of the Jirén, the ultimate warrior of the universe 11.

Jiren in appeared for the first time Dragon Ball Super. He is a part of the troops of the Proud soldiers, the partisans of the universe 11. Its popularity was remarkable, to fight in the community of the fans, because of his power.

Jiren, also in the film appeared Dragon Ball Superas well as in video games Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle and Dragon Ball Z-Fighter?


Vegeta vs. Moro is on another level. Dragon Ball Super it is the premiere in a few weeks will be the big battle. The sleeve has closed the series of the tournament present, a new villain. The consumers of the planet came to earth and ready to defeat the saiyans is.

The magazine V-Jump, and the web sleeve Plus, we share the 20, – each month, a new Chapter of the manga. Chapter 60 so that he forsook the honey on the lips to all the fans, because Moro has reached a new level of power.

Vegeta showed up in the fight, has learned a new power: is able to, the AI is stolen by the villain and send it to its original state. However, the last character a hidden power.

When it seemed that the saga of the Galactic patrol was the villain, together with the Android-73-and now has a new secret techniques. Chapter 62 will come on 20. July with the outcome of this fight.