Arturo Peniche lost four members of the family of Covid-19

Arturo Peniche revealed that four members of the family lost their lives due to the coronavirus.

In an interview for Televisa Showsthe protagonist of “In the name of love” said that he was sad about the death of four members of his family in the last month, it was a hard blow.

“My soul is sad, is grief for the losses I had. I have four this month and is very strong, very difficult, very difficult”.

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The Mexican actor mentioned that another of his cousins is suffering from a disease, but is in therapy thanks to this visit in the time.

“My cousin Jorge died on Wednesday at six in the morning of the Covid-19. I have a cousin, Benjamin, who is now trying to recover from Covid-19, because he was able to respond wisely.”

The singer asked the people to take it seriously Pandemic as he noted, that do not follow the health standards.

“Let’s not be silly. Me too, I get here, where I am, and no one with a face, mask, gloves, and I can’t go chastising people because they have the right to rip off me, tucking in his private life, but it is the reality. If I take care of the baby-sitting, if you are looking out for me and maintain it, and here it seems that nothing happens”.

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The programs, Arturo Peniche in their social networks are already a great support for your moments of pain, so you want to innovate and commented that she Seoane guests such as Omar Fierro and Mariana.