Comes first Week of Latin American Cinema, free and streaming


Emergency this 2020 many segments of the population and, in particular, culture – in voltage; músicxs, artists, actors, Actresses and técnicxs of theatre, cinema and advertising, which took place this week, March to Plaza de Mayo Square to represent the number of requirements that affect the sector in the midst of a pandemic, where the percentage of employees recluidxs their activity is growing in parallel breakthrough of the virus in our country. With the mood, see the audiovisual works of independent and local communities, is coming through YouTube First Week Of Latin American Cinema, from 7 to 13 July.

The nature of competition, goal The Cycle Independent -team Irene Franco and Mercedes Herrera, who gave an offer is the dissemination of new audiovisual works in the region, which often do not reach out or to reach the common viewer due to insufficient methods of distribution of Latin American cinema. The cycle Independent running in 2017, in San Telmo, Buenos Aires. An invitation from the Department of Film and Place the Municipality of Silver, he went to the city where is located the display that week in the Cinema hall Select, which lasted in 2018 and 2019. Once a year, the Cycle was Independent in a different country to represent a selection of movies and shows short films produced in the country that you visit. In 2018 he moved to Brazil in 2019 in Bolivia, and this year in Paraguay, I was able to connect with Directors and producers in any location to extend the network of contacts and points of artistic exchange between different countries.

In addition, forecasts of streaming movies and short films from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, the cycle also offers lectures live and artists invitadxs as a Lively, Elastic, Franco Sorgio, Boy Lopez, Galeana, the Island of Women, Riverwave and J, German.

During these 7 days you can get absolutely free at all planned actions through the official website of the Independent Cycle. Some conversatorios is “Distribution and demonstration of films of the genre in Latin America”, “Video Private in Latin America” and “the role of criticism in the transmission of Latin American cinema”, and will tell the experts of the industry, such as Carina Rodriguez, Hernan Moyano, Monica Thin Chumpitazi, Jose Sarmiento Hinojosa and Mariela Cantú. All performances will be carried out using a platform Scale with a pre-registration that you can perform on June 30 in this form.

The schedule of the day

Day 1: Saturday, July 7
20:00: Our Favorite LlajtaCristina Miranda (13 min / ATP / Argentina)
20:13: AreaAlexander (66 min. / ATP / Ecuador)
22:00: guest Artist: John German

Our Favorite Llajta – Photo: courtesy of the press

Day 2: Wednesday, July 8
18:00: Lecture: Distribution and demonstration of films of the genre in Latin America. From Carina Rodriguez and Hernan Moyano
20:00: Nostalgia Of The SeaDavid Walls (3 min / ATP / Paraguay)
20:03h: WaveNatalia Dagatti (72 min / ATP / Argentina)
22:00: Guest Artist: Alive, Flexible

Day 3: Thursday, July 9
18:00: Lecture: the Video is Private in Latin America. With Mariela Cantú
20:00: Ul. 52Paul Cecarelli (10 min / ATP / Argentina)
20:10: DistanceFranco Palazzo (70 min / +13 / Argentina)
22:00: Artist Party: The Island Of Women

Day 4: Friday, July 10
18:00: Lecture: Distribution Of Independent Cinema. Monica Slim Chumpitazi and josé Sarmiento Hinojosa Peruvian journal Desistfilm
20:00: Em Conto de RéisDanilo Kamenach (20 min / +13 / Brazil)
20:20 hours: PotosiAlfred Castruita (120 min / +16 / Mexico)
22:40: Artist Guest: Riverwave

Potosi – Photo: courtesy of the press

Day 5: Saturday, July 11
20:00: Is CachúaRafael Gonzalez (11 min / ATP / Dominican Republic)
20:15: WiñayAlvaro Torrico elm (80 min / ATP / Bolivia)
22:00: Artist Party: half-Sister
22: 30: Artist Guest: Frank Sorgio

Day 6: Sunday, July 12
18:00: The Child, The Seedfrom Camille Contreras (9 min / +13 / Chile)
18:10: Love and do what you wantfrom Laura Plasencia (70 min / ATP / Argentina)
20:00: Up The Riverfrom Amancay Stumpfs (6 min / ATP / Paraguay)
20:06h: Riu that has no songsPaul Berthelon (71 min / ATP / Chile – Peru)
22:00: guest Artist:
Boy Lopez

Day 7: Monday, July 13
20:00: C. I. T. A (Cooperative ” Industrial Textiles Argentina)Lucas Molina (19 min / ATP / Argentina)
20:20 hours: CrisisMartin Pizarro (91 min / +13 / Chile)
22:00: Guest Artist: Galeana

To view schedules you must log on to the YouTube channel of the series separately at the date and time of each premiere.