Eugene Leo, Ambassador, music, Mexican

One of the voices of the more privileged and powerful Mexican music-Eugene Leo, who through his art, he was responsible for the dissemination of national culture, where you want the stamp.

“I have a lot of honor. Music Mexican I restored is not over, as an artist, gave me a sense of emotion and adventure. But if people think that you left some kind of legacy can you imagine our music, for me it is a great honor,” he says.

A few months ago, the artist presented his recent CD “4 wind”, the plate has two volumes, one half North and the other to the ranch.

It promotes simple “the man who loved you” a duet with Lalo Mora.

“This CD, which was released in February, and what happens is that you hit a lot of events, I wonder how the pandemic, and the operation… well, the ball things, and we in the continuation of the action from a simple “the man who loves you’ Abelardo Flowers (composer), dedicated to the day of the fathers.”

Today, Tuesday, exactly 18:00, was a part of the meeting online that the singer Rosalia lion has Instagram (@rosalialeonoficial), which will say: “we Live women!”, in addition, it is the name of the song that Rosalia wrote in collaboration to accommodate the disc Eugene.

“My dear friend Anna Leo will supply just the music we made together,” I of women to Live!’, also as part of this production and she has also recorded on your side and we will submit”.

Eugene notes that the event, as it promotes contact of people with music, because if there is something that has not prevented COVID-19 was the accompaniment that it makes sense in the days of slavery.

“Music will always accompany us the rest of our inventory. And in those moments we were encerraditos was really a great joy to have him around.”

At the presentation live, right online– Eugene says that it was fortunately that they use to offer the show through this way. “At the level of friends and colleagues, all of them hardworking, watching as he’s going back, seeing what will this new rule, which says to be clear to us what the way to present a concert without an audience, only for protection, not to have another outbreak”.

Concludes by saying that these problems will be that the industry will become more creative and find a way to stand out.