Fish – Tuesday, 7. July, by 2020: it will come in your life, what you expected | horoscopes Pisces

News astrological: on Tuesday, the moon has moved into the sign of Aquarius, and we have a vibration in the number of the end. This is the sum of the day today (7) with the month (7), and year (2020=4), and therefore 7+7+4=18=9. The planets mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto and the asteroids, Ceres continues to decline.

You trust your potential and do it by yourself, because that’s how you increase your self-esteem and you have the trump card in love and work, pisciano. You have to be patient, if you know a colleague, the acquisition of positions of the self-sufficiency and wants everything and rule the world. If you make the effort your arrogant attitude, ignore it and go about your business, to argue without wasting your time.

Your word is simple and will help you sell a lot, and you have to show your qualities and who you are. In the loving plan, it is a little confused and a half, will be clarified by those who believe the least, and this will cause you a lot of satisfaction.

Charm to improve your business


Establish strong emotional bonds between you and the other person, of the first of the friendship, but gradually it becomes something more. Do not despair, to damage because when you show a lot of fear of it.

Fear tends to heart palpitations and chest pain. If this is the case, don’t torture yourself unnecessarily under the assumption of conditions with the heart. Of course, if you are in doubt or symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

A change in the work shows very beneficial. A former work colleague, who takes a good position in another company, and with whom they have always been relatively good about, propose you something very interesting.

What are the signs are more quiet of the zodiac


Money and assets
The random is well sponsored, and everything related to banks, loans, savings certificates, and other equity-type securities. If you can get some extra money, what you get easily, and with very good interests.

Biorhythm astral today
Level of sexual energy on this Tuesday: high.
Dynamic cosmic, which you should use: your optimism, the key to overcoming a difficult situation in a direct and concrete.
A dangerous trend of today, Tuesday, to act in your sign Pisces: uncertainty and hesitation, with the decision in the time required.
What should I avoid?: the ramblings, to do one thing and means another.

Before that, the couple say for today, Tuesday
The best of today: this Tuesday, things are working very well for you, if your partner is a sign of water and also of the country.
The relationship is always tense: avoid dispute with the natives in the sign of Gemini.
Your current compatibility: it is a good wave of support, although there are problems with fire-characters.
If you are single or unmarried: the planetary energy of today is conducive to a first meeting with someone who may have an interest in.