Gigi Hadid refuses to want to disguise your pregnancy

It is at the end of last April was, as, according to the rumor, that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik They were blades began the sweet expectation of her first son, the model confirmed the good news. After the announcement of her pregnancy, acknowledged that while the Fashion Week Paris, presented last February, on the catwalk, without anyone noticed, even though the press he also hinted at a slight change in his face, noticed that he had implants to accentuate your cheeks: “I asked a lot, especially during fashion week, when I was already pregnant.”said in a conversation with the maquillista Erin Parsons a few days ago. Such as the revelation that she has done, others, such as his response to a fan on Twitter who asked why he noted the belly: “In this angle and the jumpsuit baggy a optical illusion to create. Of hand, is a different story!”wrote on the social network. His comment, as he says, was incorrectly interpreted by some who accused her of trying to “Panel” Your happy state.

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Before the Tumult that led to his reaction, the model took on new to clear your account of what has been said: “to Dress up what is it?… I said that with a jumpsuit, loosen the front and side view are the stories, which are visually different, not that was intentional, or that he was trying to make the eyes a little. I am proud and happy to share, “ideas”, if you want to, thank you,” he wrote. In another tweet, Gigi, the most assured that you will enjoy this Phase: “I’m happy now experienced and share this time with my family and my love,” he concluded.

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So confirmed the good news

After it not be clear to hide that it is his intention to baby bumpGigi continues to live this important Phase with his family, are very happy with the news. Remember, it is the mother of the model, Yolanda Foster, one of the first to speak to the public, and the theme was: “I’m Still in Shockbut of course, we are very excited to receive the baby. I full of hope to a grandmother in September, especially after you have asked my mother so recently. But the matters is the beauty of life, a soul, the soul leaves and the other. We feel very happy and blessed“said the exmodelo in an interview RTL Boulevardwhere he also said he months has made his debut in his new role in life: “I can’t mom wait to be a big”.

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Days after her mom admitted that the new member of the family is Hadid on the way, Gigi, you gave in an interview with host Jimmy Fallon, in which she confirmed her pregnancy: “Of course, we wanted to be able to advertise it under our own conditions, but we are very excited, happy and grateful for the support and for all the good wishes”commented on this virtual chat that you are from the property that your family in Pennsylvania and where it goes into the quarantine.

The news of her pregnancy had the press only a few days after the model to celebrate his birthday number 25. Thanks to some pictures she posted on her Instagram on the left, a bit of his hero, the guest is more special, it was your friend Zayn Malik, the, as a few times, it. At the time of these photos, as far as we know, Gigi was already three months pregnant, though, due to its structure, slim and the clothes she wore, not to arouse suspicion, as happened in the case of his last appearances on the catwalk.