here’s the first trailer for “Marrowbone”


We still need to wait quite a long time before the new season Stranger Things they will, but that does not mean that the series can inspire a little terror, in other projects, isn’t it? So today we can see the first trailer Marrowbonea horror movie starring Charlie Heaton (who plays Jonathan in Stranger Things) and Anna Taylor-Joybetter known for his outstanding roles in such films as Split and The Witch.

Let’s be honest: progress, to be honest, I’m afraid. The plot of the film is:

“Four brother seeks refuge in the old house after her mother’s death, only to discover that the house has a different person, a more sinister”.

Eeeek. Giving you a look at the first advance, we see that the family is originally from the UK, escaping from his father, and, in the end, in rural areas in the United States. Then that tragedy takes the life of the mother needs to take care of themselves, leaving no one that is closer to death. But as the trailer shows, there are problems more critical, because children understand that they are not the only one who lives in an old house.

Marrowbone – debut as Director Sergio G. Sanchezwho also wrote the film, but that is not near a debut in the genre. While we remember, was commissioned to write the script for films Children 2006, and The Impossible In 2012, so we’re in good hands.

The rest of the cast of the film consists of George McKay, MIA Goth and Matthew Staggand we won’t have long to wait to give you a sneak peek: “will be released in cinemas, on-demand service, Amazon and iTunes in the next 13 APR. Fun trailer below:

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