Horoscope 7. July | there Comes a time to close cycles and resolve situations | horoscopes

This Tuesday, the moon has moved into the sign of Aquarius, and we have a vibration in the number of the end. This is the sum of the day today (7) with the month (7), and year (2020=4), and therefore 7+7+4=18=9.

IF you like the article FireAries, Leo or Sagittarius, this is the day in which you have to have all the things you left until the day, there is the fact that now will be presented with the moon in Aquarius makes you very eager to things to do, situations to solve, but if you are not getting organised early, you might have difficulties.

In the plane of the sentimental, the design is already up to an agreement wonderful, something that seemed very difficult, now no longer so, this is the time in which you have to send the letter to this person, to this person and your loved ones that you have on your page, or are gone a little far, but they have not visited.

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If you are a sign of the element Earth, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, is Saturn in your sign and it is very important that you hurry to begin drastic measures, such as the end of a task, a new relationship, moving, this is for you. But on the emotional level, you feel safe and calm is what you want to do, and how they are to solve. So you can take care of all those intuitions, to fix the you come and as you can see in a short time you’re going to what until now seemed impossible.

If you are a sign of the element Airor is Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, this is a Tuesday, the moon is in one of the characters, they are very emotional but also very intuitive and this one is fabulous, because you will solve the level, things that until now seemed to be impossible, is also an economic issue, they had to fix his order and did not know how he was going to be, it starts now, clearly a good way.

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Finally, if you are a person who has the item Water, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, with the moon in the element of air and the vibrations of the nine, there are two interesting things on this Tuesday, the first of which is, that in the hours of the morning will astound you messages or warnings from people, it’s been a long time not see and contact with you again, ati√©ndelos, because if one of them was a novel can now repeat, do not think that second parts are not good, in your case, Yes it will be. On the economic side, get ready for the best.

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