Instagram: all “leaders” cleaning that they are creating a new trend in social network

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Obsession cleaning is a new trend in the Internet.

First there was cats, then food, and now… cleaning.

Obsession with cleaning has invaded the Internet to the point to become one of the biggest trends in social media for 2018.

Platforms such as Instagram, full tags as#cleaningobsessed (obsessed with cleanliness), and video of people cleaning his toilet.

And, of course, authorities.

Mrs Hinch

Perhaps one of the most famous is Mrs Hincha young British 28, whose real name Sophie Hinchliffe – who believes still, with 1.5 million followers and joined the social network in March.

Thus, Hinchliffe managed to idealize, and even jewelry household tasks, like cleaning the shower, vacuuming or dust in the house.

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Sophie Hinchliffe

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Mrs Hinchliffe, usually prescribed to Instagram their favorite products and causes his closet “Narnia”.

Hinchliffe says cleanse about 30 minutes a day and puts the names for dishes: your closet, cleaning products, called “Narnia”, their sponges under the name “Minkeh” and even invented a new name for cleaning: “hinching”.

Girls, who in the Barber shop, said bi-bi-si, that “it all happened because I play with cleaning.”

“It sounds corny, but we have to do it, so why not enjoy it also.”

Your account in Instagram is full of picturesin horns, glow-in-houselike this in the bathroom:

Or is it with products that uses:

And in the “History” (history) that hangs in Instagram explains what methods he uses to keep everything so clean.

“Cleaning helps me relax”he says.

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Cleaning desestresa, as some say, “leaders”.

In the “care” cleaning

Richard Jumps, an analyst who runs a marketing research Agency Mintel, said bi-bi-si, “to explain the benefits to mental health that gives the Shoe may be the reason due to which authorities cleaning become so popular.”

@thesecretcleaner (which can be translated into Polish as “cleaner’s secret”) is an anonymous account on Instagram, which usually publishes tips on cleaning, and more 12.400 followers.

“When I created the account, did not work, and I found that cleaning kept me healthy mentally, and helped me to go forward,” said bi-bi-si, due.

“I made up my list of things to do, I feel wonderful!” or this post:

And the other explains how it cleans the toilet:

“For me cleaning is a way care[un tipo de meditación que se basa en la atención plena]. Focus on one thing, you live in the moment, and you feel you can achieve something”.

“There are those who support me and who believe that it is rare for the publication of a video in which I go on cleaning. So it is hobby!”, – he adds.

This is a hobby that each time the amount more and more supporters.

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Share the cleanup procedure is one of the favorite activities of some “instagrammers”.

Thank you, very popular (with 236.000 followers), as well as anonymous @cleanmama.

Not only abounds with cleaning products and tips, and detail what are your daily routine. And for those who are not serious cleaning, can be huge:

“Sunday is a day of rest and relaxation with the family, so it has the important task of cleaning. Keep the house clean and tidy, try to fill these five challenges”:

  • to pick up the mess
  • to clean countertops
  • wash/vacuum cleaning small areas, if necessary
  • washing machine
  • places

“Positive energy”

Spanish Alice Church defined as a “professional organizer” and has about 59.000 followers to your account @ordenylimpiezaencasa.

“Modify the closet can be one of the most interesting and charged with positive energy,” says in one of his posts.

The Church is defined as a fan of natural products: “It is very important to think about the toxic that we can,” he says.

Some call it “Marie’s Apartment in Spain” because his Instagram is full of tips to clean the house.

Marie’s Apartment, the guru of Japanese fine

And that is definitely one of the gurus of cleanliness and order, mainly, is a Japanese Marie Kondo, the author of the international bestsellers “the magic order” (2011) and now it has its own software, which just premiered on Netflix.

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Marie Apartment takes a million followers.

The apartment has 817.000 followers in Instagram. Through social networks, their “secrets” to keep your house bright.

Also please share your secrets to Luggage very clean and organized, and to keep the fridge well-groomed and glossy (inside and outside).


But, like many things in social media, trends come and go, and some predict that this phenomenon of purification can not withstand the test of time.

Niamh Taylor, Director of digital marketing in Northern Ireland, said bi-bi-si, that “some see the problem in number chemicals and plastics which are used to keep the house clean.”

“Others just don’t understand why we want to see someone, clean the sink or the storage of clothing all night.”

“I don’t think this phenomenon is as popular in 2019 (as 2018) because of the Instagram trend for long. Andto clean, simply not‘instagrameable’“,- he added.

At the moment the trend seems to follow the direction of improvement.

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