Jennifer Lopez affects high boots style gogo mini dress Chanel

With their walk on the red carpet, as very remember a Grammy in 2000 Jennifer Lopez was ejected from the most high in the world of fashion with her iconic outfits and different styles that he went through on the lake and career.

During his last big presentation in the middle of the time Super BowlYu gave a class that the translator must use the stage to emphasize them. Diva Bronx revolution, the press and critics stronger jumpsuits built-in glass and layer a huge flag of Puerto Rico.

Jennifer Lopez retains your perfect style when you shop

The singer, apparently, to buy coffee, I put on one of his best suits, street today: jacket over size Chanel mini-dress Brandson. All this combined with great high boots style gogo white.

Jennifer Lopez held security while wearing the mask in black, in accordance with the recommendations that health authorities have given to stop the pandemic from coronavirus Covid-19. The masks have been inlaid with colour, a real diva.

The actress, nominated for an accommodation “Golden Globeis on offer for the new season of the program World of Dance and he also left his followers that writes new music, photos in the recording Studio.

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