Jennifer Lopez-meets-high-boots-style, go-go and mini-dress Chanel white

With their walks on the red carpet, as the memory of the Grammys in the year 2000, Jennifer Lopez was catapulted to the top of the fashion world with its iconic dresses and the various styles through which they pass, to the lake of his career.

During his last major presentation, on half of the time Super BowlJ. Lo gave a class about what it should be used an interpreter to mark on the stage. The diva from the Bronx with has revolutionized the press and the critics more jumpsuits embedded with crystals and a layer of huge with the flag of Puerto Rico.

Jennifer Lopez maintains her impeccable sense of style, if you want to buy

In a departure from the singer, apparently to the coffee shop, dressed in one of his best outfits from the street date: a jacket about the size of Chanel mini-dress from the same marcto. All of this combined with some high-boots-style, go-go white.

Jennifer Lopez to maintain the safety while wearing a mask of black, according to the guidelines, the health authorities have undertaken to curb the pandemic coronavirus Covid-19. The mask was filled with brilliant, worthy of a diva.

The actress, nominated recently for the Golden globesis the promotion of the new season with his program World of dance and also let you know that his followers that he will share the recording of new music, a photo in the recording studio.

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