Laura Zapata failed Raymundo Capetillo for you, pray for him to

After the actress and singer You Laboriel would be known that the Actor Raymundo Capetillo You are in the hospital for the infected you Covid-19, Laura Zapata today, the programme “Venga la Alegría”, was able to be told to communicate directly with your partner and know details about their health.

“Don’ T you reply back to me, and I sent the message ” Hello, Ray, how are you? I’m of the check and enters the voice mailbox”, then I replied to him and said, “What do I know, I know you don’t want anyone to know, what, but, because now you (Laboriel) “don `T cook an egg in the mouth,” says Zapata.

The actress, who shared screen with Capetillo in Soap operas such as “Wild Rose”literally, you read the conversation that he had with him before his health condition is getting worse and worse.

“Asked Me how I am, and I thought I was in a conversation with another person, because if he is in the hospital, can not have a cell phone. Then I say: I just read that Ray admitted to the hospital Covid-19, I just read exactly from him, and then I answer, ‘Yo, I’m more on the middle of the process, mantengámoslo quiet’,” he said.

“I think that is missing in this moment, me with my word, with my friend,” said Zapata, who says that he promised the actor nothing to say, however, that the news are already known to the public, decided to do it, to ask for a prayer.

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With a key-word which both have, was that Raymond showed Laura that I speak to him directly, and assured him that he would be okay.

“I said, ‘please, please, please don’t die’, and I said: “the half of the way, for nothing, no, I’m not going to die, I command many kisses'”.

In the same way, Capetillo told him that you probably get out of the hospital next Monday and for the moment, no one can accompany him. Then Zapata confirmed by his niece Tania, who told him that it probably would be, that the hose.

“`I was told in the morning what you had the hose, but they told me then that we were told in six hours, and I was like, `why is it that hose, if I I was yesterday with him, talked to him, and I replied, `but so is this disease”, read Shoe in a conversation.

Finally, to the point of tears, Zapata admitted that he is very distressed about the welfare of his friend of years.

“Is my brother, of all life, is my first friend from the world of art, the my brother, if I went out of my house, he took me to a Department that is under him in the Champs-Elysées; I said, `hey, this is the look that you are going to the eviction of a Department, then I moved, we were neighbours for nine years, dear friends, what I want, what I love.”