Marlene Favela offers his legs in a dress with floral print perfect for summer


Since I declared to the world his divorce, Marlene Favela not more than fall in love with on social networks has done. The actress, who days ago made a splash with his looks in a bathing suit, the bear is now tied up by exhibiting their tonificadas legs a sheer dress to conquer perfect for this season.

You about your account in Instagram, the main character of the Gata Salvaje he shared a photo where he appears lying in the trunk of a tree, while it is adorned with the romantic dress in pale pink with a floral pattern in the colors of red, pink and green.

Also, Favela chair was style by their glamorous Summer outfits with a pair of high heels color nakeda subtle make-up and hair combed with an error-free and voluminous waves.

However, the most striking thing about the postcard was that decided the star to add a touch of sensuality to the flirty outfit Picking with his hands the front of the modest dress for discover and show off her slim and enviable legs.

“I Love Summer!!!”, was what you wrote in the description of the photo, it looks totally stunning and is full to the rim with security.

Fans of Marlene Favela rave with your sensuality

The daring snapshot of the artist of 42 years, immediately caused an uproar among his followers in the social networks that not only got rid of praise to the undisputed beauty of your legs, they, too, applaud your decision for the style.

Huge Legs“”You are beautiful, thin”, “Very cute, my eternal ‘ROSAURA“, “Very, you know, to get tend to be a little bit”, “Very sexy”, “yeah, well, it is definitely to feel beautiful and to live for the summer,” “Beautiful legs”, “Your beauty is stunning, my Queen“, “Goddess” and “it Came to the “Gata salvaje”, were some of the compliments in more than 400 comments to the publication.

However, that gave some users, not to show agreement with this wandered the dress, their attributes and you are criticising to say that she looked “vulgar”.

“Your worst photograph of my life. Very, very vulgarcita“it was the opinion of a follower you will immediately received the attack of the loyal admirer of Marlene. “In nothing, she looks vulgar. A woman answered in a sober and elegant”, is a fan.

Other impressions were:

  • @mila_reyes55: “You look spectacular, lovely Marlene”
  • @martinsantiago58: “You are a woman, very beautiful. I like your outfit and the colors”
  • @Juan guglielmino: “Monísima and glamorous”
  • @oropeza_lilian: “Why don’t you take a photo of the legs? Missing the glamour of the lifting of the dress”
  • @1962shadow: “Beautiful Mother”
  • @paola3546: “Bella. Don’t know, the ruco of your man everything that was lost”

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