Pepe Magaña sold marquesitas survive the pandemic of Covid-19

The Economic crisis as a result of the pandemic of Covid-19 has affected us all and many people are looking for a second job to give us the cost. This is the case Pepe Magañawho survived the state of emergency in the health sector thanks to its there the marquesitas in the CDMX.

Pepe MagañaThe actor-recognized for his participation Cachún-cachún-ra-ra has a puesto of marquesitas from 2019, however, has shown that they are managed by your business, the comedian and his daughter have to survive the pandemic of Covid-19.

In an interview for the morning show “Venga la Alegría”, Pepe Magaña he said that he and his daughter Ana Paulina are members of the Marque Chitalocal located in the South of the CDMX and this is personally supervised by them.

The actor and comedian explained that account with the six-comal for the preparation of this delicious dish yucatec, which have been brought from Yucatan, Mérida, to the local Marque Chita.

Both Pepe Magañaas her daughter, catering for the local and home-made deliveries on a Bicycle, you come to tip. This business to survive has allowed them the economic crisis and its expenditure differently, because unlike you, many personalities from the world of entertainment, are not good and do not have or what to eat, – said the actor.

I have 42 years as an actor, but as you know, there is no theatre, no concerts… there is no date of return, a pause complicated, is a break, where there is no money… I have more to go since I have a daughter, do house deliveries, prepare the marquesitas, crepes, sweep, trapeamos, we use chlorine to do it all.

Said that the development of the marquesitas it is not an easy thing, because it is necessary to turn within the comal hot, filling you wanted with the fabric, and re-fold immediately, because if you don’t break.

I have learned to do this a year ago, because, if you want to start a business, you have to learn how to do it… you’re making a trade.

By: Writing a digital Herald Mexico