Regina Blandn and Martn Altomaro of “I’m your fan”, together as a couple

Film and TV The actress a photo I shared on your instagram

Regina Milde
Regina Blandn and Martn Altomaro confirm the connection.
IG: Regina blandon

La Mexican actress, Regina Blandn, who is salt made famous by “The family, Teddy,” has confirmed that on their social networks, their relationship with the actor Martn Altomaro, recognized for his role in the lost series television “I’m your fan”.

Despite maintaining a low profile regarding his personal life, finally, its kind of sentimental unveiled with Altomaro with a picture together in a kitchen, accompanied by various emoticons.

The comments on the photo, especially the close friendship of the two, feed the new relationship, despite the fact that it is the time for implementation is not known or with the same compound sentimental.

The fans wanted the good wishes, in the same comments, which can be seen in the publication of the official account instagram of Regina Blandn.

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