Remember, Cameron Boyce in the year of death [Espectáculos] – 06/07/2020


In Los Angeles.- Through social networks, recalled Cameron Boycein the year of his death.

Father the actor shared the photos with social networks and video anniversary the young man who died at the age of 20 years.

While her friend S. K. and. th Jackson and coprotagonista Disney series “Jessie” shared their stories of Instagram Cameron.

“A year without you,” wrote the young actress.

“Today marks a year since the death, Cameron Boyce,great man that Marco childhood many of us,” commented a fan on Twitter, photos of the actor when he was a child.

Disease permanent ruined his life

?????????? Caused by epilepsy ended the life of a young actor, according to official reports.

The service is judicial-medical examination County of Los Angeles, and assured that Cameron had no alcohol or drugs in his bodyin addition to a cure for epilepsy called “Keppra”.

Cameron had epilepsy from an early agebut this did not prevent him to achieve the career of their talent, success in movies and TV series.

Every year known as “sudden death in epilepsy (Sudep)”, the cause of death among thousands of people. In the United States, it is estimated that about 2 thousand 600 people, Cameron Boyce in the year.

He has won the fans love the TV series and movies

Boyce began his career as a model, seven yearshe appeared in the Disney Store catalog, and then in advertising and in various journals in the United States.

In 2008, he debuted on television to have a cameo role in the TV series “General Hospital: Night Shift”, a few months later got the role coprotagonista to the horror of the Mirrors and Losses in the same year appeared in Eagle Eye.

Two years later played Keith Feder in It As Childrenwhere know Adam Sandler, because it was the son agreed character Sandler played in this movie.

In 2011, the actor got a chance to get back in coprotagonista original series Disney Channel Jessiewhere played the naughty boy of 12 years, under the name “Like Ross”.

Latest and most urgent action was in 2013, where he was “Keith Feder” in “- As Children 2” in 2015 was drafted in the interpretation of “Carlos De Vil”, son of “Cruela From the pagans” on other works of Disney, called “Descendants”.