Salma Hayek is wearing a blouse, transparent lace, which shows that all of their attributes without shame

In Hollywood there are a lot of artists, the size zero, the believe that the beauty is on the Basis of weight. Nothing could be further from the reality and he has to check the order, it is each time more Salma Hayekwho has succeeded with her curves and talent , to conquer the public world, the glorification of the Mexicans.

In his profile of Instagram is not suppressed: on various occasions have, they have their curves in swimwear one piece and bikini every time you travel, to the beach, your favorite travel destination. Salma, 53 years and having gone through a pregnancy, always suspected his body with pride.

Salma Hayek and her sexy see-through blouse

And if we talk about red carpets, she always wears an outfit that is what to talk, how the dress, Gucci blue and white, that the attention of all at the gala of the Golden Globes last January.

But, in photo sessions, has also been shown, with all the elegance that can be transmitted is through the use of slides. It is a fashion trend that never expires, on the contrary, every day reiventada is the same for all the stars of the film and the music.

The account in Instagram @salmahayek forever shared to pose a photo of the artist, 53 years old, with bodice, sheer top with black sleeves in sequins covered in a look that quite extravagant.

Although maybe not so extravagant, like this outfit from Saint Laurent is a magazine, a dress is also a part of the sheer lace in the chest area, but with a bottom made of leather sleeves and the animal print.

Although in daily life, far away from the events and the photo shoots of magazines, Salma Hayek loves to be comfortable. In these purposes the week of the week in the summer, the protagonist of Frida has been repeatedly shown to be the revealing of course, and without makeup, her beauty is real. Recently, he has, in addition to a hat from Gucci.

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