Starts justice and society on females from Rosalia Jara |

40 year old man, the beginning of which JOV will be assessed this Tuesday women from Rosalia Jara a young girl who he disappeared on 1 July 2017 in Yes, And Elmsin North santafesino.

Will be within proceedings and the public, which will be held in Vera and that the President of the court pluripersonal composed of judges Mauritius Martelossi, Standard Senna and Gonzalo Basualdo.

The Prosecutor who was responsible for the investigation into Gustavo Latorre, who will represent the Ministry of Public Prosecution (MPA) in the discussion.

The official said that the MPA to impose life imprisonment to the accused and reminded that “experienced the authorship of the murder doubly qualified link and that was the case a man against a woman, as a mediator of violence“.

The disappearance’hare occurred on Wednesday, July 1, 2017 after 22 minutes, the Prosecutor said Latorre.

The victim was at the resort bar Fort, Elms, and this was the place when he got the call accusedthat was waiting for me in the car, in one of the Cabin collective located at the intersection of Santa Fe and Juan Domingo perón, – said the employee of the court.

About the link that connected his sacrifice with JOV, the Prosecutor noted that “shared a romantic relationship“.

In this regard, he explained that “the night of the disappearance recorded 14 calls between phone numbers of the defendant and’hara. The victim demanded payment of child support for the daughter that they shared”.

Torr explained that “the young man went willingly into the car and JOV both retired from the scene“.

He also claimed that “in a way, charged he took the victim’s cell phone that the phone had no signal and later gave the death blow to the head”.

“For three days after JOV to try your own phone -from the knowledge which is being investigated- before the device was stolen by law enforcement officials“- said the official MPA. In this regard, he added that “the basis of purification methods that prevent the recovery of files deleted from a strong record of calling and messaging and information relevant to the case.”

Latorre said that “ the remains of the victim’s bones and pieces of clothing that was wearing the night of the disappearance were at the height of the kilometer 34 national road No. 98“. The Prosecutor added that “it was found on Wednesday, 26 August 2018, the people who were hunting on the spot” and said that “the Argentine Forensic Anthropology research confirmed that the remains concerned Rosalia Jara”.

On the penalty at life imprisonment, Latorre said, “look the use of physical and mental abuse that the accused showed in his criminal activities“. He explained that “was referring to the unequal power relation that exists in which JOV abuse of vulnerability, economic, cultural and social’hara and his situation of helplessness”.

On the other hand, the official MPA to the conclusion that” the amount of the fine aliens, the amount of damage caused and the consequences of order, mental and moral, that the defendant caused them the daughter and the mother of the victim.”

In accordance with the schedule with the office of the Court (OGJ) Faith, this Tuesday will be the approval of the aperture of the pages and then we will begin review of application and production of other evidence. It is also reported that the discussion will last until Monday, July 27.

On the other hand, it is assumed that approval of the decommissioning area on Thursday, July 30. Thus, the decision will be announced on Monday, August 3.