The best moments from the Waist to the web, to celebrate their 48 years


Few artists show as natural in their networks, Waist immediately assured that not afraid to punish people and constantly revira and memes-it is white because of his jokes.

Through their traditional history Instagramabout the gift of interpretation stated a few months ago: “the love of my life, it means that gozarla!, I know that you’re the mother of the world”. He said, smiling and relaxed in the tone of the singer.

“And all they give calambritos my stories are welcome, my children, go! I used to, and if not, then to find the route and will be there to walk like soldiers,” continued he with a smile artist.

Finally, Mexican singer and actress sentenced: “And if you give them calambritos the Lord, go to the pharmacy and comprense one enema”.

The truth is that Waist not only uses his instagram account to share your jokes, but you can upload photos to it, while their children are playing around that the newest beauty products, but happens to see her happy and in love with her husband, businessman Tommy Mottola.

In particular, thanks to the action, the translator is left to watch from the privacy of sprinklers:

But that’s not all, this year received permission to be very open with his supporters and talk about songs that mean a lot in his life, “Blood”, same thing he devoted his exnovio Alfredo Diaz Ordaz who was deeply in love and whose love story ended was death, hepatitis, Gustav, who was the son of former Mexican President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz.