The error with the “Dark”, the almost unnoticed for thousands of fans

A fan of the famous series from Netflix noted that an error have not be confused, perhaps a large part of the audience.

This June 27, Netflix released the third and final season of the series of German ‘Dark’, which follows the aftermath of the disappearance of a child in the fictional town of the winds, in the South of Germany, and tells the stories that are closely intertwined for four families.

To understand, to go back all the details of the plot to perfection, and some fans have had in the seasons and watch the series again from the beginning to the end. As well, a young woman from Argentina, gave a report about a strange error message, which comes in the 16. minute of the first episode of the second season.

Through his Twitter profile, he noted that in the scene, in the tomb of the father of Jonas is displayed, there is an error with the data. The subtitles say “died, 21. June 2020,” while on the grave stone looks ‘21.6.2019‘.

“We we were eating the head my friend […] The error is a rethinking of the whole of the series made us,” tweeted the fan in the comments to a publication on Netflix in Latin America.

However, none of the two dates has a special significance in the history. Another supporter decided to check the subtitles in other languages and discovered that in other versions of the translation, the date is wrong. “Also, in Arabic, to put it well. What is more likely to translate that there are errors in the time”, was the surfer.

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