To watch a new video, ‘P___and Talk’ provocative City Girls Ft. Doja Cat


City Girls and Doja Cat, released today, a tempting image for your cooperation, “P___and Current”, the last album the Duo of Miami, City On Lock.

The Director of the DAP, which held the projects for the Migos, Iggy Azalea and Kendrick Lamar, in particular, the video shows Yung Miami, JT and Doja Cat, and advertise their sexual skills of the earth in the office, and later, in the jungle , on clothes several exotic cats.

P___and “Talk” occurs immediately after “single”, “jobs”, which represent a message without complexes, the Duo respect and autoempoderamiento. In a recent interview with Billboard, the EP stated that “the city girls are not thin”. He later explained, philosophy, the duet: “people are mistaken, such as” City Girls, saying” No you have nothing in common! “. Not. If you are planning to have a relationship, make sure that it is supplier. Don’t let it use you or drain you. I’m not saying they were, because he was rich, just don’t let that not one person suck.”

Yung Miami added: “to Be a woman-only city [boss]… Not feel anyone other than yourself.”

Recently steam has released a new docuseries, City Girls The Series on Youtube. The program of five parts, which premiered last week, offers a lot of drama, earning a turbulent life EP and Yung Miami after its debut in 2018, Period, and before the release of City On Lock. Most of the time, which was removed City Girls The Series, JT was in prison, while Jung Miami he was responsible for keeping afloat City Girls, the responsibilities of advertising and actions all the time when she was pregnant.

The Duo began work at the City Lock On immediately after the liberation JT jail.

Also, Doja Cat, City On Lock account with partners such as Gotti, Lil Baby) and Lil of Durk. In a statement, the Duo spoke about his second album, he said, “for people to do what they need to do to keep you moving and develop in unstable”.

City Lock On already on sale and you can purchase here.