Trailer for “thoroughbred horse” is a black Comedy about two BFFs in search of a contract killer


Already a year ago that actor Anton Yelchin died after a terrible and fatal, which we can assure you that he arrived in a bad moment, because Yelchin is going to work in a number of movies that wanted to be sure to promote much more in the movie because of his talent.

One of those movies that was filmed before his death was Thoroughbred horse, debut as screenwriter and Director Cory Finleythat debuted earlier this year in The Sundance Film Festival and got very good reviews thanks to a combination of genres: it’s a Thriller mystery combined with black Comedy.

The film tells the story of Lily and Amanda, two friends of childhood, which reconectan a few years later: Lily (Anya Taylor-Joynow the teenager high-class, elegant boarding school and a coveted internship in your resume; while Amanda (Olivia Cookedeveloped a sharp man and his connection particular, the fact that they made a social outcast.

Despite the fact that initially seem completely disagree, a couple receives common ground, thanks to the oppressor, Lily’s stepfather, mark, and as their friendship grows, they begin to open their trends, more harmful, so, in the end, hiring Tim (Yelchin), a local boy that he is doing everything a little bit (two drugs) and that I need to solve this little problem with my stepfather.

They think they need weapons, and among the games, table, gloves, latex, one katana hanging on the wall and deep cleaning Persian rug, it seems that all three need to learn how to get out of this crime/oppression, that nothing happened.

Thoroughreds the premiere of the next March 9, 2018and it’s cruel will have to wait six months, as the film looks great. Fun trailer below:

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