Vance joy, boy with ukulele

We interview the singer of Australia, is her second album, “Nation of two”

Update 17/05/2018 14:30

Reconocers including ex-soccer player of Australia for his success Riptideand because Celular Taylor swift in her latest tour. Vance Joy us enslaves her little ukulele, which is already connected to 9 million followers on Spotify. In Madrid its second disc, Nation of two (Warner Music), we refer to his meeting in Room X.

It is possible that the verses, “Lord, going down to the riptide…” they become family, if you can hear, carried with the music. In particular, in ukulele. And then test situemos in Vance Joy (born Gabriel James Keogh in Melbourne, Australia, in 1987) and single that will let you know. In love with your texts (and tests, and slightly curly hair, and his videos Australian), Taylor Swift, you all Pidi to open its 1989 World Tourand it was his consecration of art. The presentation of his second album, Nation of Twobears in Madrid (although their first concert in Spain, I can’t until October), and we take this opportunity to put a face (and voice) in a new revelation, indie-folk.

“I’m tired of traveling alone, alone and sleeping alone. I want a life, two: a nation of two“. Quiz Vance Joy (“if something gives, we take coffee, I hope that call me, James”) did not know so lonely, what could be the life on the road. But it’s worth it: I just returned from to have their 45 minutes of fame on the main stage of the Coachella Festival, honor, ordered emperatrices size Beyonc. “Sometimes I feel lonely, though, too I know wonderful people that sleep reencontrarme from day to day“tells about Saturday Sunone of the more upbeat songs of their new album, which speaks mainly to… love? “I am a bird and open my cage”; “Father, my days you are my sun in particular”; “you make me feel brand new” – these are just some examples of the level of its lyric. Nevertheless, melody is something hypnotic and Lay it on mefirst singleit sounds higher in all lists.

“This album similar to the first: based on guitar sounds (guitar and ukulele), in combination with my voicealthough there are more drums”. Drive, which will to feed her 9 million listeners Spotifywhere have already been converted a billion times.