Virgo – Tuesday, 7. July 2020: the solution comes in the best time | horoscopes Virgo

News astrological: on Tuesday, the moon has moved into the sign of Aquarius, and we have a vibration in the number of the end. This is the sum of the day today (7) with the month (7), and year (2020=4), and therefore 7+7+4=18=9. The planets mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto and the asteroids, Ceres continues to decline.

You are in a cycle of positive change, where is the best to go about it, but if you insist on setting stubborn not lograrías nothing. Now a sound and the dynamics, which will help you get on very well to your difficulties in wraps.

From the natural calm, analytical and intelligent in your sign of Virgo is to give your partner the feeling of love that you profess. Maybe you have been very busy with other things and neglected your relationship, but on this Tuesday, which aims to recover the lost ground, and you can enjoy your privacy, you will see how to get to it.

Charm to improve your business


Even if you do want something else in love, their domestic responsibilities will keep you in the home, and to do many extraordinary things. This is why you have to by the separation of the time from now to a romantic weekend. The rest of the month of may, you have in front of you is a subtle difference, but apparently in your horizon sentimental.

If you believe, with heartburn, there is nothing better than a day of internal cleansing with green tea, papaya, and chamomile. This is exactly what does it take to cleanse your body internally, the excess food from past days.

A page of first impressions and appearances and not predispongas in front of a new boss or manager in your company. As you will see, within a short period of time, the two become good friends, and a working relationship promising.

What are the signs are more quiet of the zodiac


Money and assets
You get a pleasant surprise economic and an unexpected money. The planetary aspects are strengthening the cooperation with you, your intuition and help you see what the actions are to be carried out, in order to multiply your profits, without risking too much.

Biorhythm astral today
Level of sexual energy on this Tuesday: medium.
Dynamic cosmic, you should use your ingenuity and creativity, of course, that you are now in a good time.
A dangerous trend of today, Tuesday, in your sign Virgo: try to stay on good relations with all the world, to neglect, your time and your own interests.
What should I avoid?: unfounded fears, suspicions and distrust.

Before that, the couple say for today, Tuesday
The best of today: this Tuesday, to improve the relationships that are happening in your earth element and the element of water. There is also good agreement with the twins.
The relationship is always strained: the tensions that exist, would be with Leo or Aquarius.
Your current compatibility: it is well with Virgo and Capricorn, the characters of tellurium, and also with the water, cancer and Scorpio in particular.
If you damage single or single: all in good time, if you try to force a relationship such as eating a piece of fruit, not matured yet, and may lead us.