What Jack from Titanic that has never existed and it was all an invention of the Rose?


Titanicmaybe the movie is watched the most, repeatedly, and it reminded me of all the times in the film international. The story of a rich girl, falls in love with a poor boy in the boat is the most famous of all, and that in the end sinks after a collision with a Iceberg. However, all of the above are only an illusion, after a crazy theory, that the dangers which in these days by the social networks and has brought the topic into the discussion.

This is a thread in Twitterin which a user sets in the fabric of the court, the existence of Jackthe character of Leonardo DiCaprio and the all came from the head Roseif you told an adult the story of what happened on the boat.

The Tweeter @Luis_HMG was the task in detail every error in life Jackin what is said, it, the places he mentioned, and her dress, what makes you think that he Winslet a fantasy-the protagonist of the film, played by Kate.

The Titanic fell between 14. April and the early morning of 15 1912it is here where you will start the errors in the timeline, and also the physical appearance of the Jackthat is not to the time.

Dawson called a roller coaster was opened, built, and 1916, this year, he was already dead, same is the case of an artificial lake in 1917.

Another point that is mentioned in the thread, the clothes and are the hairstyle of Jack, which was used until the 1930s, and the backpack I used was created in 1939. Value is also on the impossible that it would run in ice-water as the stars of the film, while the Titanic drops.

These details and more that you think that the manufacturer of this theory is that everything you saw in the almost two hours, in reality was invented Rose.

Despite this, the character Jack Dawson it is one of the most famous in film history, the action is without a doubt of Leonardo DiCaprio You will be remembered forever, and although they have not won Academy Awardsthis Band is catapulted as one of the best actors of the Hollywood.