Working days stood at the front of new complaints


Between the characters “Athlete” not Simone working days in the first row. Not accepting the voice and writing of the complaint. However, the most important part of the documentary, which combines research, interviews and a lot of things, pet. In fact, Simon becomes part of inevitable as a gymnast supporting Maggie Nichols, an athlete, held the first complaint doctor Larry Nassar. And his girlfriend.

Between that Maggie Nicholls said Nassar has not yet published study, Simone working days not spoken publicly. Was in the Olympic games in Rio in 2016 in the United States and went to new gold. Girls were protected, but Simon had to be his writing a strong submission. To revalidate the bronze global speaking, is present in the first Games. A lot was expected from her and performed, receiving four podiums with only 19 years old.

This gymnast modern more meaningful, best in the world. After the alcohol in Rio amount, today, a new record in General: it is the most winning in the global and 25 medals. Figure rutilante in all respects, beyond discipline. Today, 22 years, directs complaints more than 140 colleagues against the Olympic Committee and Paralympic their country of violence. Argue that the explanations of the leaders, at this moment, falsification and concealment of evidence.

In January 2018 working days publicly admitted to suffer from anxiety, to admit that she was a victim of Larry Nassar (documentary applicable), although I never gave how it was. “I’m one of many victims that the abuse of sexually. Such behavior is absolutely unacceptable, disgusting and offensive” she’s just a gymnast who was in front of us a new crusade against injustice.