Zac Efron stirs up the flame of love or the ex?


United States.- A friend who announced her return to the public stage Zac Efron he took back to his supporters, who remained vigilant in their actions, and now he is back with the all. In the following July 10 will be the premiere of his documentary on Netflix With your feet on the ground, becoming one of the movies expected in the year. This week, however, the name of the actor was involved in another controversial whether a new love?

Or do I have to say that “old love”. What is happening in the life of Zac Efron? The last data that was artist of 32 years to meet Halston Sagewho was holding a novel in 2014. After 6 years alone star decided to give himself a chance for more in matters that relate to the heart, and the truth gradually their romance. Depending on the environment US Weekly: “they’re in love and in a serious relationship.”

Then press to attract candidates, during an excursion to Disneyland, what was a few photographs. However, neither fans nor friends, I thought a couple of years later, revivirían the flame of love. At the moment, no one said to refute or confirm such information. With this, the eternal hero ” (High School Musical back up high, and then defeat the evil love relationship that happened in the past, in accordance with Uncompromising In America News.

Heart Zac Efron

But the fact that she knows the blonde? Halston Sage born in Los Angeles, in the United States. In his youth he did not like, singing and performances while his role Nickelodeon programme called Victorious (2010), together with Ariana Grande. Later was part of the famous film Comedy, They are like children 2 (2013) and paper Towns (2015) Cara Delevingne. However, was the movie Good neighbors (2014) after meeting in person Zac Efron.

Without a doubt, some time actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens this was the most popular in the entertainment industry. But 5 years later, he announced his big slit and it brought a lot of suffering and the followers both. However, they are faced in this case with great maturity. Other names that jumped next to Efron was Michelle Rodriguez, who worked in series-Fast and Furious, but remained on the rumors