▷ Amber heard may have been incorrect


A few months ago johnny Depp has presented at various positions a lawsuit against his ex-wife amber Head. Demand, which came after she made serious allegations against him that they did a lot of harm in public. In the end, the actor is tired, so much injustice, and decided to take matters into their own hands.

Amber heard has been sued for libel, but also because of the alleged physical aggression actor. Although the court has not ended yet, recently, it was reported, which may increase the balance in favor of the actor 57 years old.

In this context, the divorce got in 2016, when he accused the actor of violence. Charges that he took after the conclusion of the divorce, and after that johnny Depp has admitted to $ 7 million.

However, later it filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife. Lately there is information that says that supposedly the actress, I would have him was the wrong actor, and, in addition, the prosecution argues that it was in his own house.

The amazing thing is that whoever made the revelation in the media was the husband and best friend amberand that, she said that she was involved, allegedly, in a trio with the model Face Delevingne and entrepreneur Elon Musk, back when she was the wife of johnny Depp.

And it seems Musk had a short communication with her when she was marriedbut the entrepreneur denied this information. Who will win the battle legally?.