Adele is back in a collision with a dress of lace, which shows your figure


Adele is one of the artists that more is trending in the last few months. Music was not what he did, what his name sounds everywhere. Three years ago the album was released. The fact that Yes, physical changes, from the well-known are the ones who caused surprises.

Multiple Grammy winner introduced his new body a few months ago, after losing more than 30 pounds. From there, publish it in social networks, was a revolution.

The singer was a lot. She went through a bitter divorce, that he left the bulk of his fortune. Then gave the opportunity for a new beginning, so he began a strict diet and continue daily exercise. It was so that has shown to be more sensitive, and thus come to him from the post of Queen’s music.

New photo frames and other

With the publication of his surprise showed your new picture with different dress, surrounding the body. In General, you used black, emphasizing its natural curves and creating a new image. Was also welcome details, sheer and lace, which are in fashion. Since there is a new image.

Photo shared account @adelexpy, the British star appears black blouse with lace. Which, due to their semi-transparency leaves much to be naked, rematando sensual neckline. hair has a high, very his style, makeup, markup, which emphasizes your eyes and saturated colors.

Oh, Adele, believes that until mid-2021, will estrene his new album. The winner of the award “Oscar”, – assured in an interview that his divorce will not affect the new songs, one thing that fans are waiting for is not true.

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