After all, criticism makes you explode! Manelyk Gonzalez talks about “Acapulco Shore”

Portugal.- In Madonna the word “punishment” will not be passed on my long road of life. In its 61 years, still causes the same controversy when he began in the world of music in 1979. But on Tuesday, 07 July took many by surprise when he appeared in Instagram with Topless what happened in history, because only a few seconds he turned around trends in the world of social media.

Without modesty, the Pop Queen said in the social network of the heart with little clothing: hat, black, mane releases, a few accessories, bikini, black, mobile phone and all of a sudden this irreverent graphics. This time appears in the hall of his residence, which emphasises its contemporary style. “We all need the ball” was an interesting story he wrote on the leg photo.

It is worth noting that the blonde had suffered a knee injury that prevented to close their concerts, which are derived from tours Mrs. X. In addition, at the beginning of this year got sued fanatic, not to sing, as promised performance live. A few of the problems facing the translator in the United States.

On the other hand, Madonna and saw that a few weeks ago in the UK to protest against racism, and the fact that the world conmocionara with murder George Floydpast may 25 due to Derek Chauvin), the employee security in Minneapolis. So, without hesitation, publicly supported the movement Black Lives Matter and to put their grain of sand for the victims.

Madonna after Covid-19

“I was sick at the end of my trip to Paris for seven weeks, like many other artists of my show ( … ) I am Grateful that I can be part of a program to support research to find a cure for COVID-19!”, it was part of the artist’s words, when he confirmed that he had given a positive before virus. It will be recalled that in August of 62 years.

Although at the beginning of the pandemic was the object of criticism, as said quarantine, users have downloaded against him and said, “things from his residence, very different from what you think. Stay safe and more sensitive, less privileged,” “we can die from these diseases, but the poor will be the ones who will suffer. There is nothing romantic in this tragedy.”