After all, you should not miss! Edith Marquez, Stripping


MEXICO – new episode Acapulco shorepromises much more drama and a lot of fights, especially in the endless struggle between man and Food. And I guess that may be a possibility of Dishes to finally put a high his companion.

And that in recent episodes, the attitude Manelyk you already have one of them tired. Even the fans of the famous reality show, asking once and for all, remove the mana in the house, because their Aires diva, no longer new, and is becoming more and more unbearable.

Especially with their new colleagues or with guests. So that it may be a good opportunity to Dishes and its limitations, or Manet can continue their drama. And that the fans claim that in a fair fight, without the disturbance of Wakefulness, Manelyk cannot against Denmark.

So choose your side and don’t miss this Tuesday’s new episode Acapulco shore. In paragraph 10 P.M. time in Mexico on MTV. And find out once and for all, if it really is the long awaited confrontation between the two girls.

And don’t forget that this week, on the weekend, shore. Which will be full of delights in the style of the shore, and why not? much more drama, much more battles and a lot of recognition, classification C. So that you can not miss, through social networks and on MTV.