Alexa Dellanos: Teaches everything away and his fans believe, watch Kim Kardashian


Beautiful model, Alexa Dellanos has caused controversy in social networks on a bold photo, which showed everything in the hotel room where he was standing, preparing for a new production of the photos.

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Beautiful girl, caused even more controversy, due to which his bent figure. thinking that he saw Kim Kardashian, or at least what most users think.

Some photos we can see Dellanos sitting and lying in bed at the hotel, which was, that he did malpensar many users who asked what he was doing in this place.

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Others have devoted themselves to criticize, it’s show business, saying Alex may seem, Kim Kardashian, the daughter of Laura Bozzo and many “leaders” or better known that use the same type of shape, because they are all as one ayudadita a scalpel.


Others attacked the drive Alex spared something, interestingly, that’s what I had to do to get as much attention as possible, and making conclusions in the air, providing also that I don’t see any talendo and that her beauty is very false, but in order to be where.

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Yes, it was all about her, and this is not the first time for several weeks from the moment the users is very strong against him, acusandola to be plastic and many more adjectives that we can not mention here.

It should be recalled that only yesterday unto your bridegroom caused a great impression in social media, as they appeared in the pictures where they look very good, and caused a great feeling of thousands of his fans, they wanted him, at least for one day.

Many of them did not know, but Alex and Alec are doing a very good partner, this was the reason that both the big growth of social networks and your job will be much more efficient, thanks to the attention that Alexa does not give two pretty quickly.