Amanda Ribas rejects feel under pressure before the fight with the front Paige VanZant

Amanda Ribas after winning SOMETHING-Brasilia
Amanda Ribas after winning SOMETHING-Brasilia

Invicta steps towards the organization, Amanda Ribas passes the confidence in the place where it is located. With the fight scheduled for that On Saturdaywhen the opposite Paige VanZant 251 in the UFC, in Brazil out of their comfort zone, and I decide the American division, the weight of a fly.

In Brazil ruled to feel the pressure to fight, and in an interview in Media Daytold about his expectations from the fight.

“Pressure? I don’t put the emphasis on me, because I’m fighting since childhood. In the racing world, it is normal in my house. This is important to me and I really like it,” she said Brazil.

Faith in your talent Amandawill battle No. 11 as a professional in MMA. I think it’s in peleadora careful when it comes to fighting for the belt.

“I feel that I need time because I only have three fights in the UFC. I’m a woman ambitious. Then, perhaps, in my Department, if my weight is 52 kg, I hope my next fight against a top-10 or top-5. I think so, the UFC wants the weight of a fly, also, the enemy is strong. I want to just Golf.” konto Ribas.

With regard to its fight in SOMETHING 251, Amanda showed respect to the opponent and says she’s happy in the elimination of rivals is the name of the organization.

“For me, it’s hard to believe. Before Paige VanZant, opposite Mackenzie Dern. It has a great fame in the amazing Golf. Now I’m going to meet Paige. I’m dealing with large rivals sport. I think I can do, my name is golf”, conclusion.