Blac Chyna and all-powerful, Jay, put an end to their relationship


Show business

The star of TV Blac Chyna (30) and young rapper YBN omnipotent, J. put an end to his buildings relations only three months after the musician to preach his love for her in the four winds and left very clearly, as in social networks such as in some other radio interview that he decided to make her his wife.So was Jay himself, which I ordered to announce a breakthrough in the History section of the Instagram account, limited to give a message and put a soundtrack from a song called “Forget Me’ (‘me Forget”, translated into Polish language).

“Blac Chyna, and we’re not together,” – said in an ambiguous phrase, which he shared with his supporters and was complemented by the poems, the theme is the illustration of the perfection of the frustration that he feels the rest of his love. “I still see your shadow in my room / I can’t get the love that I gave you I can’t change, so I reemplazarte”, listening to the publication.

Interestingly, for the promised Rob Kardashian and the mother of his daughter’s Dream (1)- caused a stir last week, to show themselves on the street, it seemed that a new tattoo on his right forearm, one to bear the proud name of his son and still, maybe a future husband. Was in April, when Jay finally decided to ask, marriage in China is unequivocal gesture in social networks.

And what musician hung her picture on Instagram where it appears, embellished tracksuit white and posing in the middle of the Park, accompanied by the words: ‘you want to go out with me?’. That, unfortunately, not done with the intersection was the answer to the question, which earned her a very special offer.



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