César Duarte, a former Governor of Chihuahua, he is encouraged in the US

César Duarte, a former Governor of Chihuahua, was arrested in Miami, Florida, United States of America, according to sources, the accused from the Federal government, from the administration of a representative Javier Corral as alleged responsible for the Crime of misappropriation of 275 million pesos.

In the past six years, the office of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of presented eight requests for extraditionall of them requested by the government of Chihuahua. In the year 2018, Javier Corral, the Governor of Chihuahua, reported that his predecessor was in charge in El Paso, Texas.

The office of the attorney General of the Republic reported that Caesar’s ‘D’ was arrested in Miami, Florida, for the purposes of extradition.

The PGR received by the Attorney General of the state of Chihuahua, 21 criminal cases, and criminal proceedings of the Federation, the last part of the Specialized Prosecutor’s office for attention to election crimes.

The Prosecutor’s office got from the judges, local 21 arrest warrants against the former Governor of the state, so it’s probably Responsibility in the crime of embezzlement, aggravatedderived from a redirection of public funding during his administration by a thousand 200 million pesos.

In the year 2017, the Fepade, if it was likely to lock under the leadership of Santiago Nieto requested an arrest warrant against César Duarte, to be Responsibility of the crime of embezzlement, elections of approximately 14 million pesos.

A Federal judge for the warrant to be granted, because it is accepted that in the administration of the Duarte he retained a share of the salaries of the public servants of the entity to give directly to the PRI, a total of 79 million pesos.

Then, the PGR is the General Secretariat of Interpol requested for the issue of a red chip with a stop at Duarte, against the at the time a warrant for his alleged responsibility in the crime of embezzlement.