Chris Evans catch in the romantic plan with Lily James, what are friends for?


Captain America would no longer be a bachelor. Photo: Instagram Chris Evans

Captain America would no longer be a bachelor. Photo: Instagram Chris Evans


Chris Evans, Captain America is one of the actors, the most beloved and desired. And, without a doubt, one of the most sought-after.

Although that could change, as in the romantic plan with the actress Lily James and it is rumored that there may be more than friends.

IMAGE: Instagram @lilyjamesofficial

The British press lI started with a walk early in the morning in London.

Evans and James were together to a night club, very exclusive, then she took a taxi Arrival at the luxurious Corinthia hotel.

And although they avoided the input at the same time, the hotel and Lily made a call, outside the resort, in a the rumors did not stop.

Photo: Instagram @lilyjamesofficial

Who is Lily James?

A super actress on you for sure, you have already seen, in movies like Cinderella, Mamma Mia!, Baby Driver ” and “Yesterday”.

You is 31 years old (Chris Evans, 39), is from the Uk and his career is on the rise.

Starting in 2014, and until last year he was in a relationship with actor Matt Smith, the you sure, that you remember from The crown.



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