Controversy! Cardi B influences, showing how ?????????? their private parts



After quarantine, Cardi B the video problem is to the day via Instagram, many different aesthetic tinkering of those who have passed at this time.

This time the rapper that was very honest with his fans, if you show your long beauty procedure after documenting sessions skin whitening.

The strange thing is that several times said that is not a fan of all of the disputed procedures for skin lightening used by some colored people, however, considers that it is necessary in certain parts of the body.

This week, for example, called for your expert beauty trust, Fatima, at his home in Atlanta to prove that the treatment will help, allegedly whitening the entrance of the vagina and groin.

Star hip-hop showed that he was ?????????? “my cat is a skill game”; when shared videos of legs in the middle of the operation.

“I’m in my bed, blanqueándome vagina, armpits recruitment because you know that sometimes we afeitamos fast and all, and your vagina, a little dark and everything,” he admitted.

Then added: “I don’t believe in whitening of the body but I think, under the armpits or vagina, may be your an*. I like mine?* dark“leaving all of his fans with his mouth open.

In rapper natural

If there is appearance style cardy, which can be called camaleónico, of course, her hair. There have been countless number of times, in which we will be able to see the famous rapper yourself different hairstyles and colors.

But now, the singer KARDi B decided to remove the wigs and extensions, in order to show off her natural hair.

And that the artist released a video of their story Instagram, which began to rise as the foam on the social networks.