Coronavirus.- Bolsonaro is to adopt a law on the protection of the indigenous peoples of Brazil, but with important veto


The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has on Wednesday the law that States, indigenous “groups in a situation of extreme vulnerability” of the pandemic of coronavirus, although vetando some elements, such as the requirement of government to ensure the drinking water or hospital beds for the aboriginal communities.

The draft law was approved, between may and June by the Congress, but it was not until the early morning hours of Wednesday, as Bolsonaro, the publication of the text in the official journal of the European Union (ABE) has sanctioned, although with some changes.

So Bolsonaro has a Veto on the article commits the government to equality of access to clean drinking water, and emergency medical services with the availability of hospital beds, including in intensive care, and ventilators, as well as to distribute free of charge food and equipment, hygiene and disinfection and to install the Internet.

The Brazilian Executive has justified the veto of the points that the “impact of budget and financial management, that would be unconstitutional”, the news portal G1.

The UN and the organization of American States (OAS), the indigenous peoples are the most vulnerable to the pandemic because of the lack of access to public services and the culture-shock.

In accordance with the articulation of Indigenous peoples of Brazil (APIB), there are already a couple of 10,300 confirmed cases of coronavirus among the indigenous population, including more than 400 deaths, for a national total of 1.6 million infected and about 67,000 deaths.

“At the same rate that the COVID-19 progress in the villages and communities reinforced the failure of the government to the indigenous population,” he said in social networks, the NGO Instituto Socioambiental, criticized the Veto of Bolsonaro.

Brazil is the second country most affected by the pandemic at the global level, only behind the United States. Bolsonaro, who has refused to accept Federal measures, and to speak came “gripecita”, has a positive coronavirus.