Eiza Gonzlez and her anxiety about the animals that lost their homes due to health crisis


Mexico City.- Actress Eiza Gonzlez mostr it company in animals suffering from environmental emergencies in health care in the United States because they lost their homes or dormitories are at maximum capacity.

Through your account Instagram, in intrprete public two photos their puppiesat the foot of which exhorts its followers to resort to adopcin Pets.

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Please! Look at these faces. In difficult times billion animals were abandoned or lost their homes. Hostels are its capacity and thousands of dogs/animals all sit exposing euthanasia space,” wrote the actress in the publication.

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Please remember that it is important to adopt and not to buy. Help the animals in trouble and to avoid unnecessary duplication and exploitation of animals. Takes, arrepentirs”, finaliz Eiza.

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Actress Baby Driver everyone gave a sign of his love and care for animals, because several times used the social network to promote the cases on the protection of these creatures.

Source: Instagram @eizagonzalez