Face Delevingne Victoria Beckham, fashion is celebrating the Day of Pride


Model Cara Delevingne, Victoria Beckham, Jean-Paul Gaultier or Marc Jacobs are some of the fashion names that are held with pride in the month for a change, the struggle of the community of LGTBQ+ and doing it with Slippers, t-shirts, bags, perfume, watches or cosmetics with the symbol of the rainbow.

They are part, but not the only traffic that you want to make visible the social reality in which support not only with words, and design, as well as from profits from sales derived from them.

In the case that singer Elton John and his husband David Furnish, who represent social networks with the t-shirt designed by Victoria Beckham, which is read “Listen Without Prejudice” (Listen without prejudice”), whose sales to Iran in the organization of the Art of Sharia, which is trying to help young people without a roof LGTBQ+.

Model Cara Delevingne celebrates Pride week ” collections “From the PUMA with Love”, in which famous animal character appears coloured with rainbow.

“I really wanted to have clothes in celebration of Pride that I was planning to visit”, but given the circumstances, the model is not used in their social networks.

Through his Foundation, Delevingne is planning to make donations to organizations of the LGBT community around the world+ some of the money collected from the sale.

Versace has released a capsule collection to celebrate a month of Pride in that includes t-shirts and tank tops with rainbow, the sale of which to Iran for the organization Arcigay Pride Live and who work to create a world “of transparency and equal suffrage”.

Marc Jacobs released five new shades for eyes, Enamored, dressed in special edition dedicated to Duma 2020. “From Marc Jacobs Beauty, we want to support the celebration of the makeup looks that celebrate love and beauty in all its forms,” says the caption in the statement.

Sale of these assets will be transferred to two organizations: the “Sage” in the United States and Le Refuge in France, which give legal and psychological community LGTBQ+.

In one track on the signature makeup, NYX palette offers Ultimate Brights and Levi’s, under the slogan “Use Your Voice” focuses on equality, unity and progress in the campaign, in which he collaborates with the Association “IT Gets Better”, Spain, which works to eradicate bullying and promote diversity in the classroom.

Actress Sharon stone joined the campaign NOH8 and the signature for sports, Kswiss, that in their design to commemorate the pride of the midsole contains the logo “All love NoH8” (we All want the NOH8), a way to draw attention to its work on the protection of family values and gender equality through education and social networks.

Jean Paul Gaultier celebrates the silver anniversary of its iconic fragrance Le Male Edition Collector, in which there is a bottle painted like t-shirt, the flag of the rainbow in contrast to the traditional white and blue stripes.

Signature sports backpacks Eastpak collaborates with world Boxing champion Nicola Adams is a woman, “inspiring” for the community LGTBQ+ talked about his bisexuality, and see, as explained by the caption that “no matter your sexuality, color or gender”.

Selling collection of Iran to the International Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and intersex (ILGA).

The protection of diversity and in honor of LGBT Pride+, ETRO adorned iconic #PegasoBag with the colors of the rainbow and 20 percent of the funds received will give the Arcobaleno, first asylum, which was dedicated in Milan discriminated against because of their family over their sexual orientation.

Signature sports Converse first year, which is celebrated from the collection of Pride Pride. “More Color, more Pride” was conceived and the first time for instagram social justice Amber Hikes.

Watch brand Swatch, which reproduces the range, and the strap of one of your hours, flag, rainbow, guarantees that you can Express yourself through the hours, freely and with pride.

Add-on signing fun&basic, also notes the Pride of the collection bag and wallet in hand, as she does Dsquared denim collection in “Rainbow Collection” that “Pride” now and always”.