Fish – Wednesday, 8. July 2020: waves happily in your cycle, to birthdays | horoscopes Pisces

News astrological: This Wednesday, the moon in transit is in Aquarius, approaching the sign of Pisces, and we have a vibration in the number 1 from the beginning. This is the result of the addition of the presence (8) month (7), and year (2020=4), and therefore 8+7+4=19, 9+1=10, 1+0=1. This has a great relevance, since it is in a Phase of change, of adaptation, but of the beginnings. Remember that every morning when we Wake up is a new beginning, and we must use it, because it is a new opportunity that life gives us, to correct what we did wrong and what we have done. The planets mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto and the asteroids, Ceres continues to decline.

The transit of the moon in your sentimental life in a radical way, when you say the word happy, waiting for the other person. The love surrounds you with a sound that is intense and passionate, if you happen to have the planetary transit of Venus, and Mars together.

Can you find the time, the differences with your partner, you still with your current relationship and not make a decision on how outdated the to phenomena is based, because they may be unfair or unjust, let those you love, and at the same time to lose who you really are at your side with selflessness and love.

It is in your life in the energy of your ruling planet!



You are not going to act on impulses or to say what they think, without control of their tongue, because your words, bad or in the wrong time, could lead to serious issues in your love life. Fill the patience and empathy of the fish that dominate this day.


There is No reason to inquietarte for some, the pain suddenly, as the stress in these days the nerves are in a state of excitement, to evergreen and you feel uncomfortable, for no apparent reason. You take things step by step.


Even if you don’t get the promotion expected in this time, their work problems are on the track and the legal issues in connection with their status or the status of the work, you get solutions that are very favorable for you.

You know, horoscope, Gypsy and find out which character you are


Money and assets

You need to be attentive, to read all the details, if you talk about money and well what you are signing. The morning hours are conducive to communicate their projects and work with others in the solution of the economic problems that will be helpful.

Biorhythm astral today

Level of sexual energy on this Wednesday: medium to high.
Dynamic cosmic, which you should use: the happy situations for invitations, celebrations and joy to him in the heat of the cycle, the birthday of pisciano.
A dangerous trend today to do Wednesday in your sign Pisces: stop, have some fun and to take care of a positive for you, in something that has no meaning.
What should I avoid?: the loss of time, listen to those who only cause me issues and irritation.

Before that, the couple say for today, Wednesday

The best of today: this Wednesday everything will work very well with a water sign, and also the ground-both compatible with you.
The relationship is always tense: avoid dispute with the natives in the sign Leo or Aquarius.
Your current compatibility: it is a good wave of support, with the signs of your element and with your opposite, Virgo.
If you are single, or individual, you will enjoy your integrity, while it lasts, remember the times, the complaints you have, in the past due to their lack of personal freedom, must now be the better choice.