He died at the age of 14, the heir to the family Reyzábal

He died at the age of 14, the heir to the family Reyzábal - river Cares, Asturias
River Cares, Asturias. Photo of Nattule

Ana Reyzábal died because of an accident on a canoe, as he the descent of the river Cares in Asturias, during a summer camp

Last Friday he died Ana ReyzábalThe 14-year-old heir to one of the richest families of the SpainOwners of some flagship properties such as the Palace of the press, the cines Callao, or the old Building Windsor.

Ana Reyzábal he died of a Accident in a canoe while he made the descent of the Caresin Asturiaswhile a summer camp.

According to local media, Ana went down the river, in the back of a canoe, if suddenly fell into the water, without that no one could do anything. It is the companion who went before, was the noticed what happened and alerted. The young woman, who was found dead hours later.

The truth is that death always hurts, but it is true that, if you are in these circumstances and with these age groups, the pain is immense,”the singer Barei (Barbara Reyzábal) wrote cousin of the father of Ana.

“I don’t want to even imagine the pain you carry in, my cousin and his wife right now, and I can imagine that only time will be able to make the pain bearable, with their lives,” he added.

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