I Juanpa Zurita is a success in any social network that uses!

MEXICO-. History of the Mexican youtuber, Juanpa Zuritagave very much from its Foundation in 2013, when only 17 years was studying the school, and that was the time when it started to become popular social network video, short, challenge Camewhich at the time only allowed you to download videos from a maximum of 7 seconds, enough time to Zurita can win the audience over.

From this point only 7 seconds of video became a friend viners most supporters, the platform decided to increase the viewing time up to 140 seconds, a situation that helped you even more specialist, which is still growing fast, but the time has come when Came lost popularity almost disappeared, forcing Juanpa to move to another platform, so he started his own Youtube channel, which has also achieved great success.

In youtuber, no doubt, is one of the few creators of content on any platform, shined up and even has multiple accounts, checked in Instagram, but this time wins the social network, fashion, TikTok, because you have reached 9 million followers quickly-a situation that held you to send photos, where he appears proud of the number of fans reached.

“We have 9 melons in Tik tok! Thanks Little, I promise to continue to do movies, novels, cheap” were words that shared Zurita, to celebrate this new achievement in his career, in addition, it is also used in the history of Instagram, to thank you all for reaching this figure. On account of TikTok constantly organizes parties, plays, and jokes, accompanied by his brothers.

Statistics who has still, in addition, 9 million TikTok, add 10.5 that has to your account on Youtube, 24.7 that the account Instagram, 11.1 million in its second Twitter account, exceeds 7.2 million followers on Facebook over 6 million, making it clear that this is one of the leaders of times in a row at the time.


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