In the course of the pandemic, Toki opens his first Exhibition of books, digital

During installation, the first time platform will open the newspaper, by 2020, the Provincial Book Fair, which, because of the pandemic, will be in the format a hundred percent virtual. As for the website, and social networks are published every day activities such as book presentations, seminars, conferences and trainings. In addition, it will be a place for publishers and writers and illustrators local.
All ready to download the new version of the application publishing in the region. Today, Friday, July 17 will see the work of leading authors correntinos and closer to the readers the various proposals, for example, interviews with guests, known around the world.
“From the first hours of Monday correntinos unable to access various materials that we will go together through the web site. In this issue, the key is to log on to the Internet to pass through the platform to share with other materials that interest us”, said the owner of the Institute of Culture, Gabriel Romero.
The coordinator of the whole Exhibition, Maya Eirin, added: “we Recommend that they are attentive to the information you want to publish in social networks, at the time, which is already published on how Iran climbing videos, or a time when live”. Page contains about 60 names, the authors correntinos, 70 tracks, represented enterprises, 30 works of the painters and 20 companies in the publishing industry. Will in addition, with the participation of important guests, like Isabel Allende, Nélida Drums, Luisa Valenzuela, INES Garland and Martin Caparrós. A section will be science, one with recommendations for reading and the other showing the work of artists-illustrators.

Opening day
The first day of the exhibition will be live instagram writer Isabel Allende, who will dialogue with the presenter Constanza Perez Ruiz. 16 through Instagram is Live on the official account @ferialibrocorrientes.
Instagram writer Isabel Allende is one of the most popular novelists of Latin America. Sold more than 35 million copies, and his work has been translated into 27 languages. Received the Award of the National Literature of their country in 2010, among other awards.
18 will be on the platform and record the writer correntina Evelín Bochle and how the publisher Moglia, Moglia Leo. Video presentation of the collection of poetry “As water”. Announced first two titles: “carousel of dirt” with Rosalia Montenegro and “Scratches the Minotaur” Laura Old. Will also be a large selection of print material loaded on the platform, you can access at any time.

Material “10 years of the Fair Province of the Book” will be distributed through the web site Broadcast held through an account in Instagram @ferialibrocorrientes. Data, charts and daily schedule are also available on the Facebook page “Fair of the Province of the Book.” (Væ below)


l 11:00 Vidoni Video Marta and Eduardo Sívori
18:00 North Gandulfo, Mabel Miranda, Olga Soto, and David Schwarzer
20:00 Special Alonsitos

11:00 Video Lily Daitter and Rodrigo Tannure
16:00 LIVE IG Teresa Parodi and Evelyn Bochle
18:00 Film written Jose Gabriel Ceballos and Maya Eirin

11:00 Video Maria Laura Riba and Paulo Ferreira
16:00 LIVE IG Maria Cristina Ramos and Patricia Pujalte
18:00 Film written Fabian Yausaz and Name in Cordoba

11:00 Video Eduardo Ledesma and Liliana Romero
16:00 LIVE IG martín Caparrós and Juan Manuel Laprovitta
18:00 Video Rial spec. ISS Attention and Agustin Lemos

No 13/07
11:00 Video Rodrigo Galarza, and Tony Zalazar
16:00 LIVE IG Mary Sylvia Wells and Alejandro Jimenez
18:00 Film written Stella Maris Folguerá and Carlos andrés Franco Colorado
20:00 Life, from South America

11:00 Video Nilda Hay and Marcelo Gomes
16:00 LIVE IG Luis Quevedo and Maya Eirin
18:00 Video Jose Luis good Luck and Francisco Benitez
20:00 Life, from South America

11:00 Video Ines Arribas and Moni Munilla
16:00 LIVE IG-Luis Valenzuela / Ramon White
18:00 Video engraving Aldo Nicolas Instagram and Gabriel Bissaro
20:00 Life, from South America

11:00 Video Juan Pedro Zubieta with Teresita Kind
16:00 LIVE IG Ines Garland and Maya Eirin
18:00 Video Gustavo Sanchez Marino with Constance Perez Ruiz
20:00 Life, from South America

11:00 North zamudio and Gustavo Sanchez Marino
16:00 LIVE IG Nélida Drums and Ramon White
20:00 Life, from South America