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United States.- Singer Beyonce several times he was under a hurricane on a bet, if there were any complaints against her or her husband Jay And as it happened recently. However, not all the gold in my life, because they are dealing with situations strong and calm. Tuesday, June 07, it was one of those days difficult for her and her family. They are accusing and tildando about, but to understand the motives of the mountain.

Candidate for Congress, District No. 18 Florida, KW Miller the one who started the pump on Monday, 06 June. And all the time stressed his theory conspirativa about the artist, 38 years old, but she has produced more than poisonous Darts on the social network Twitter the day after: “beyoncé says of African Americans. She is an Italian.” In this regard, said, “He’s faking it to get exposure in favor of the motion antirracista Black Lives Matter”.

Furthermore, the conservative politician the United States also argued that: “the singer is a danger to society and should seek psychological help. Her husband, Jay Z, the slope is (…) Beyonce is part of the deeper agenda of George Soros in favor of the movement Black Lives Matter”. It should be noted that Miller is the billionaire who finances the movement of progressives with the Foundation, for what has always been against the initiative antirracistas.

Beyonce is conspirativa

For a political figure, it is also a fact that QueenB through music to the destabilization of the socio-political situation. That is, he assured that in his song Formation drive Lemonade CD “the hidden message”. “A secret code for the globalists (…) on has been saved, it is obvious that it is demonic and cult activity satanic churches in Alabama and Louisiana. Writes the characters of Satan in a bag” – he said.

In turn, the people in this network of “bird” opposed the policy does not agree with their ideas. Of this mess, Miller returned to Twitter to defend its approaches. Because, in his opinion, the singer wants to cast a shadow on the election process in November. It is worth remembering that Bay has launched a project called Black Parade to help African-American communities in the United States.