James McAvoy is a scary psycho in the trailer for the new film by M. night Shyamalan


Last year, Director M. Night Shyamalan he released his best film in a year The Visitagain, the style compared to conventional Splitthat may or may not that ahonde in the supernatural, but, of course, flirting with some exercises, very strange. Also in the cast are dying; only James McAvoy we will have 24 different characters.

This is because his character has 24 different personalities. Depending on the review, the employee Split it’s about a boy named Kevin (McAvoy), who shared with the psychiatrist (Betty Buckley), the presence of 23 diverse people living within their psyche. But actually his face is far more sinister hidden within herself that had Kevin to kidnap three girls, adolescents and esconderlas in his basement, where desperately struggling for survival, while his rent is getting harder and mind.

Here we provide an intriguing trailer that contains multiple versions of McAvoy and the star of revelation The WitchAnya Taylor-Joy. Development gives us feeling tales of dark color, wrapped in the horror of his contemporaries. Split premiere next January 20, 2017.

We first advance, and then:

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