JLo, Waist and other well-known can be no Tik Tok

At a time when we used to our new reality, caused by a devastating pandemic, the majority of stars as Waist , Jennifer Lopez , Erika Buenfil, Geraldine Bazán among others, has chosen Tik Tok as his cars, loved to be in contact with your fans. Famous platform decorated for the minors, became the most downloaded in the U.S. more popular in the last decade.

Jennifer Lopez©That’s all it took
Jennifer Lopez was one of the first to use Tik Tok

The first of the celebrities that put TikTok on the radar of the adults were not more or less that the Star from the Bronx, who opened his account in order to improve the connection of dance in choreography tests before the Super Bowl.

However, the future of this exciting option digital is in danger. As stated by the Secretary of state Mike Pompeothe us government will review the ban Tik Tok and other Chinese social media application on security.

Tik Tok may disappear to USE©That’s all it took
The famous platform can be blocked in the US

“As for the Chinese apps on the phone people, I can assure you that the United States will also handle it well. I don’t want adelantármele President, but that’s what we see,” said Pompeo press.

TikTok, the ownership of the start-up of ByteDance with headquarters in Beijing, has been repeatedly criticized for the policy of the United States, who accuse apps, videos, format short to pose a threat to national security because of their ties with China.

Waist©That’s all it took
Waist is one of the most active stars on social networks