Khloé Kardashian and her exnovio plays a role in season 3 of his “Union”


Germany.- Not without reason Darkthe series, which transmits Netflix starting in 2017, is considered to be one door to intellectual activity. Who is going to plunge into this story, is on permanent display in deep thought, which is not suitable with behavior, with the intent not to lose the thread that connects each character. However, in this Tuesday, July 07, error, in the first Chapter of the second season attracted the attention of the owner, who did not hesitate to share my find on the social network Twitter.

Although it was not a big error, if this is true, what caused the disagreement, and above all confusion among fans Legion plot Dark. Everything indicates that this is a mistake on the subtitles, which held the company Netflix. In the specific case, this scene shows the grave of the hero, which also looks like a gravestone, that the next evaluation date of death: 21/06/2019. However, in the case of subtitles: change year by 2020.

If this Saga of Germany’s complex and mysterious, so that some users says that this wrong, they’re lost. “Speaking of Darkwe ate the head with my friend on the scene at the grave of the father of Jonah, where the subtitles say that he died 21/6/20 but headstone shows that in 2019. The error has forced us to reconsider all series”.

Dark “Polish” has caused controversy

Was last June 27 that the second season made screens for lovers Netflix. Since then, everyone was in anticipation of progress in these products. However, another user has given the task to fight if in chapters subtitulados in other languages, such as Arabic, I had the same error and it was not so: the difference in age was only in the Spanish version.

Furthermore, other users spoke in the debate on this subject in the network bird, blue, claiming that Netflix wasn’t guilty of error, but the politicians who made the translation. So in the ruins of our website to share said, “It’s not the fault of the series. Series is ideal. This is a mistake of the translator. Nothing to do with the Dark” and “a series of difficult, and it will happen”.