Khloé Kardashian makes it clear that he will not return again Tristan Thompson


Economist and businessman, Khloé Kardashian introduced will not be back with former partner and dad daughter, Tristan Thompson, despite the fact that they are very close lately, and they stood up strong rumors of a possible reconciliation.

In recent days, there were strong rumors about their reconciliation, because they were very close to each other, but now Chloe denied this information is so touching.

It should be noted that the former partner passed quarantine together daughter, Really, except that I was recently abducted celebrate Independence Day together, but, apparently, only it’s a good thing, and friendship.

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However, since the beginning of the quarantine was that started be rumors but made it clear that they were not going to disappear with her daughter and accompanied by both.

In the past, Khloé she spent her birthday and as you might expect, Tristan has participated and led gift items.

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Days from the date of birth he believed that Khloé to use the ring he raised a strong suspicion in obligations.

However, the secular has published on his account Twitter indirectly, for any hope for reconciliamiento of the player.

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Time, or what? Oh, hahaha!”, wrote in the publication.

Seem and accepting his grace, leaving thereby to understand that we do not plan to go through.

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Just hooked for several days, and I already feel ashamed! Quarantine all of us crazy,” wrote in another publication.

It should be noted that Khloé was done with him after discovering that the athlete it was wrong with Jordyn woods, best friend Kylie Jenner, 21 years.

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Khloé that he left immediately after to learn, and then he made it very a small chance for reconciliation.