Kylie Jenner tattoo was held in honor of his daughter Stormi the AWESOME!


Kylie Jenner introduced a new addition to my growing little collection tattoo and latest ink is inspired by no less than his daughter Stormi Webster.

Fans noticed the new ink in Kyliehe says “4:43″ in his forearm, in their history, the last Instagram. And shows “4:43” with Stormi? Well, in accordance with TMZ, it was the hour of the day, my daughter was born 1 January 2018. It is clear how important it is Stormi for Kylie!

And, as nice as the new accord, this is not the first tattoo inspired by Stormi what is a young male of 23 years. The word was Stormi tattoo on the inner side of the right hand last year. She spent triceps tat dad and Stormi, Travis Scott.

Tattoo Kylie Jenner

Although Kylie, of course, failed to be detected, and the ink constantly, only about ten tattoos are known around the world.

It has ” ” -net? ” it is written in the hip joint on the right with red ink, the small red hearts are open to the left hand, “Mary-Jo” in his left hand, and “m” on the inside of her pinky finger, “in the” on inner left ankle and a butterfly (perhaps another tattoo related to Stormi and that also coincides with Travis), also on his feet.

Kylie is the only one that uses this time to add more tattoos to his collection. Actress Pretty Little Liars Lucy Hale, as well as two new tattoos in honor of the dog and your family recently.

Kylie and her former partner, Travis Scott carried out a tattoo with her daughter.

Kylie and Travis Scott, not only have, in General, his little daughter, although no longer together, but and the same tattoo was done to celebrate his birthday/Photo: Insider

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Although still did not explain the meaning, Kylie revealed the newest addition to my collection of tat in their Instagram Stories, in the style of she and makeup artist Ariel Tejada. At arm’s length, you can distinguish between numbers on black font. Nevertheless, it is not known that the artist inked a tattoo on quarantine!